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Water-repellent down

[ 특허 제 10-16429221 ]
Stays Dry
- Dries 60% faster than unprocessed down
- Absorbs 30% less water than unprocessed down
- Can be cleaned without losing repulsion to water
- Best cleaned when cleansing with Grangers down wash
- Maintains the same fill power as the unprocessed down
- DownTek TM-based products have superior dryness, lightweight and longer life.
- Down treated with all natural non-synthetic materials
- PFOA & PFOS free
- Environmental safety
- 나노필파워 (Nano Fill Power) 로 코팅된 발수다운
- 물에 쉽게 젖지 않는 다운 기술
- 높은습도내에서 보온성으로 높이고 우모의 수명을 늘리는 기술
- 국내판권을 가지고 미주수출및 내수 공급으로 사용되고 있다.
발수코팅 다운
- 일반다운보다 30%이하의 수분을 흡수
- 일반 우모보다 60%이상 빠른건조
- 혹한기 동계스포츠 의류및 침낭 생산등에 많이 사용되고 있다.


[ 특허신청 제 10-2016-0160654 ]
Photothermal Down
It is photothermal down that can effectively increase the thermal efficiency of a high heat generation effect and excellent heat retention by the interaction of light-heating and light-reflecting particles attached to the down surface.
Body temperature rise effect
As a method of absorbing sunlight and converting it into far-infrared rays, the manufacturing method of a heat-insulating material having heat storage and heat retention effects applies carbon nanotechnology to obtain a heating effect after processing coating on the down surface. In other words, it can absorb body heat and solar heat, and cause body temperature to rise by about 2 to 3 degrees.

Silkylon Micro Like Down

Made of 100% polyester with a low density of Denier (Bio Fiber) as micro yarn, it is composed of the form most similar to down. It is soft and flexible, and maintains warmth.
It is usually called “Wellon,” and its real name is “Micro Like Down.” It is chemical fiber (100% polyester) composed of the most similar to down, texture, length, and thickness, and is supplied as a filling material for clothing and comforters.
It can have antibiosis, softness, and drapability.


The mixture of down and silkylon (Micro Like Down) not only lowers unit price but also improves quality and workability.
The mixture of mixing down and ball padding lowers the unit price, has a volume similar to down, and is often used for mixing low-quality material.

Fragrant Down

Health Recovery Effect
Phytoncide has the effect of restoring the health of modern people who have been damaged by harmful substances and stresses with the freshness felt in the forest, and is produced by applying it in the process of spraying to or rinsing the down.
It is a micro-encapsulated and sprayed down phytoncide liquid extracted by collecting only domestic cypress leaves and coated in the down, which has an anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect. It is excellent for rejuvenating the health of modern people.


Various Color Materials
You can create the desired color by applying it to the down as a dye or in the rinsing process. There is a lot of loss in the washing process after dyeing, so it can only be set at a relatively high cost, and the processing time is much longer than that of normal down.
Bright fabric, white, and jade are the fabric materials, so you can naturally express the colorful down inside for a bright and natural look.


Eider Down Common eiders, king eiders, and spectacled eiders are kinds of wild ducks that inhabit North America, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, and small areas of the Bering Sea. During the hatching period, they protect the eggs from winds and blizzards by laying them down in the nests after plucking down with their own peaks. Therefore, the size of the down ball is large and has good viscosity. After hatching, when the duck leaves the nest, it is taken from the nest, cleaned with a spray, and used as a filling material for the blanket. The Eider Down is produced in a very high-priced product with very little amount.
Because of its natural static electricity, the fluffy hair on the buttock of a sticky-down aquatic bird is named Sticky, which means it is connected like a chain. For ordinary ducks | It can be harvested 70 days after growing and 120 days for geese. The quantity is very small, and the filling power is high because it is hand-picked. The price is higher than the Hungarian goose down.