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Country of Origin

The quality of the down is greatly influenced by the country of origin.
The size of the down ball depends on the breeding period and climate, and this has a lot of influence on fill power, which is directly related to the warmth.
Daum&QQ has secured a network with large and small farms in each country based on its long history to reliably supply high-quality downs.

  • ● Producing country (exporting country) : BLUE
  • ● Consuming country (importing country) : RED


It accounts for more than 75% of the total land in Poland, and the surrounding rivers and lakes are optimized for raising geese. Therefore, Poland is characterized by the large size of goose down compared to other countries, and is also classified as the highest-quality goose. Mother Goose is the only one that can produce 1000FP based on the fill power of goose down.


The chest hair of Hungarian ducks has been developed to adapt to the cold sea breeze and rapid climate change of the Baltic Sea, and it is characterized by a large down ball compared to other geese. Because of this, the Hungarian geese boast excellent heat retention.


It is a typical continental climate where winter temperatures drop to -50 degrees Celsius, characterized by developing chest hair to fight the extreme cold. Because the size of the down ball is 1.5 times larger than that of other regions, it boasts the best heat retention and quality.


It occupies the world's largest down production and the world's largest scale in terms of size of wool farms. It accounts for about 80% of the world's production and exports to the world at a competitive price compared to the European-origin geese.